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March 3, 2012
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     Varian opened his eyes again and attempted a smile. "No. It is I who am sorry... for not seeing earlier what you are.... what you have always been. I'm so proud.... that you are my son." Varian reached up with his bloody hand and touched his son's face, leaving a bloody smear. "Do not mourn for me. This has always been my fate.... don't let it be yours." With that, Varian's arm and body fell limp.

     The fallen king was enveloped in darkness. He felt no more pain, no more sadness, no more.... anything. The only thing he could feel was something warm and comforting. A faint glow of light gripped his soul and Varian felt himself surge forward.
     Something bright was shining in Varian's eyes. He tried to turn his head, but it was futile.
     Open your eyes... a voice called to him from far away.
     Varian's eyes fluttered as he looked around his surrounding. Everything was white and peaceful. Even his wardrobe was now a pair of white linen trousers and a matching dress shirt. He managed to get to his feet and peer over the edge of the platform his was on.
     He saw the seen from the cemetery, Anduin was cradling his corpse as Jaina Proudmoore and General Marcus Jonathan were trying to get him to leave.
     Varian sat in awe for a long moment. He was touched deeply that his son refused to leave his father's body; even after all the bad blood they've had between them recently.
    "Varian..." a voice called. "Varian...."
    The spectral king froze. Could it be... was it his dearest Tiffin? Varian looked over his should and nearly burst into tears.
    There she was, his beautiful Tiffin Ellerian, standing before him with her beautiful flowing blonde hair and wearing simple white robes. "My love," she smiled warmly.
    Varian rushed up to her and embraced her, locking his fingers in her soft hair and taking in her heavenly aroma. Tears of joy rushed down his face as he felt Tiffin wrap her arms around his waist. "I've missed you so much, Tiffin,"
    "As have I, Varian," she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Though, I fret it is not your time."
    Varian looked at her, scared. "You mean.. I have to leave you?"
    Tiffin gave him a comforting smile. "No... not yet." She motioned towards the edge and the couple gazed over.
    Their son, their beautiful son, was casting a revival spell on the cadaver of his father.
    Varian grimaced, "But... I don't want to go." He gripped Tiffin's hands. "We're finally together again."
    Tiffin squeezed his hands. "What did your son say?"
    "I-I think love outlasts everything," Varian smiled at the quote, but his son was right.
    Tiffin nodded, "That's right." She stroked his face, "We'll be together someday."
    Varian smiled, glassy-eyed. Doing what he craved for years, he leaned forward and kissed his angelic bride.
    Tiffin clung to him, preserving their moment for as long as possible.
    A ring of holy energy shrouded Varian suddenly.
    "It is time," Tiffin simply smiled.
    Varian clung to his bride. "I don't want to leave you!"
    Tiffin sighed, holding back tears. "Our son needs his father; the Alliance needs their king." She gave him one past peck on the cheek. "Tell our son how much I love him for me."
    Varian's hands slipped to his sides as he nodded. "I...... I love you, Tiffin."
    Tiffin smiled at him. "And I love you. Now, close your eyes and everything will be back to normal."
    Varian closed his eyes and relaxed.

    Varian awoke in the realm of the living, gasping for precious air.
    Anduin teared up. "Father!" he wept, hugging his father as tight as he could.
    Varian hugged his son back, giving him a peck on the top of his head. "Your mother wanted me to tell you that she loves you with all her heart."
Dammit, I need to stop making myself cry :iconcryforeverplz:

(I suppose this takes place during the part of Blood of Our Fathers when Anduin revives his father :shrug:)

Inspired by:
Holding Onto Heaven - Nickelback [link]
Trying Not to Love You - Nickelback [link]
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